* All attendees must have their site token in their possession at all times.
* Site tokens will be mandatory for all combat activities.
* Do not block access to the wash stations and port potties.
* Smoking is not permitted in any permanent structure or public pavilion. Please dispose of butts properly. Do
not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
* Violation of either of the two following rules below will result in eviction from the site without a refund of fees.
1.  No fireworks, firearms, or aggressive behavior with live steel are allowed.
2.  Edged weapons must be 'peace bound' at all times.
* Public demo begins 10 am on Saturday, please make the public welcome.
* Quiet time begins at 11 pm. Please be considerate of the neighbors.

Alcohol / Drugs
*  This site is discretely damp on Friday, Dry during the demo, and wet Saturday after 6pm.
*  Large group parties must be roped off, a monitor of the alcohol must be provided, and checking ID's and site
tokens at the door with a hand stamp once verified. The hosting group will be held responsible for conduct
resulting from their gathering.
.*  Please consume alcohol responsibly.
*  Legal drinking age in the state of Wisconsin is 21. Be prepared to have proper ID available to all security,event
staff and party hosts that may request it where alcohol is served.
*  No underage drinking, No exceptions. Minors and adults serving minors will be evicted from site with No
refund of fees paid. The adults legally responsible for such minors shall also be evicted from site with No refund
of fees paid.
*  The Campground has a Zero Tolerance Drug Policy. If you violate it, you will be evicted from site with No
refund of fees paid.

Checking In
*Troll will be open Friday at 8am(merchants only) Noon (all others) to 10pm and Saturday 8am to ?.   
* Every adult must show an ID at check-in.

* All firewood must be from within 20 miles of the event.

* Children under the age of 18, who are not legally emancipated minors, must be accompanied by a parent or
appointed guardian who must have proper I.D.
* No drop-offs.
* Parents are responsible for their minor children at all times.
* Minors must have all required waivers completed and on file with event staff.
* Planned Youth Activities are not to be considered babysitting services. Please do not take advantage of the time
donated by the volunteers in charge of these activities.
* Neither security nor the merchants are responsible for unsupervised children, although security may return
unattended children to their parents' camp. The need to do so will be promptly reported to the autocrat.
* If there are multiple incidents of unsupervised minor(s), the autocrats reserve the right to require the responsible
adults to leave the site along with the minor(s). All fees being non-refundable.

* Please cooperate in keeping the campgrounds clean.
* Please close all bags to prevent spillage.
* Please deposit bags only at dumpsters or other appointed collection points.
* Do not leave any trash on the ground.
* Do No toss glass or aluminum on the ground. Dispose of it properly.
* Please clean your campsite thoroughly before leaving, including all tobacco
related materials.

Glass Container Policy:
* No glass containers allowed outside of your camping area.
* If you are going from one camp to another, and are bringing any bottles or glass containers, please put them in
a bag or box to transport them.
* In other circumstances, please use common sense.

* Pets are not allowed at this site.
* ANY animals found in vehicles on site will result in the vehicle owner being reported to the local authority for
animal abuse.

Radio Use
* Channels 1, 2, and 10-14 are reserved for personal radios.
* Channels 3-9 are reserved for event use only. (6- Security, 8- All other Staff Supervisors)

* The speed limit on site is 10 mph.
* Vehicles are allowed in the campground for loading and unloading only, unless given permission by the
autocrat. Vehicles not moved to the parking area within three hours, will be towed at the owners expense. Road
around camp area is one way only.  Road will be closed during the demo.  Gate to enter site will be closed
between 11pm to 6am Friday and Saturday night except in cases of emergency.

* No Early arrivals
* No roping off of land at any time will be allowed except by event staff for event use.
* Camping space is on a first come first camp basis.
* Staff will not make any land allocations for campsites other than Royalty Area, Autocrat's  Point and
Emergency Services.
* There are No permanent or traditional sites.
* No ghost camping is allowed. A responsible person must be present in each camp.
* Please be courteous to the area neighbors. Refrain from excessively loud noises.
* Vehicles used for sleeping (buses, vans, pop-up campers, etc.) will not be allowed.
* Any large-scale, decorative structures must be approved by the autocrat
before construction.

Pond Area
* No SWIMMING. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children.

* There is limited shower availability.  Please be kind and shower quickly.   

Fire Safety
* Fires must be in above ground fire pit, or "self contained portable" fire places.
* Fires MAY NOT be left unattended.
* A bucket of water or fire extinguisher must be on hand near the fire in case of emergency.
* Do not burn plastics, Styrofoam, glass, tin, etc.
* At the end of your camping event, make sure your fire has been completely extinguished and ashes stirred.  All
fire pits must be empty  in the proper ash receptacles.  DO NOT dump your ash on the ground.

The Fire Marshal has the authority to order a fire extinguished if:
1.  It is deemed a hazard to surrounding tents/pavilions;
2.  If the fire is not attended by a person;
3.  The fire is not in a proper above ground fire ring or portable "camp fire".
Site Rules
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