Event Schedule
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The Shire Of
Falcon's Keep
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Event Steward: Katherine de Sainct Denis (Katherine Seibel) newgirlhero@gmail.com (email preferred)

THL Justinian of Cherson

Saturday -
9am - 10:30am - Auths and inspections.

10:30am - 12pm - Hippodrome tourney (Fencers are divided into 2 teams, blue and green, and have to challenge a fighter from
 opposite team. Every victory moves a blue or green chariot one square ahead. First chariot over the finish line wins.

12pm - 1pm - Lunch break.

1pm - 2pm - Tyranny Fundraiser Tourney. $5 gets you 5 passes with a fencer from the School of Tyranny.

2pm - ? - Coin Tourney. This fighter-friendly contest has each fencer start off with 5 coins in a bowl that they can wager on with
 another fighter of their choice. Once the wager is made, they fight until there is a victor and the agreed upon ransom is paid to
 the winner. The fighter with the most coins in their bowl wins. A popular feature to this contest is that if a fighter runs out of
 coins and wishes to still fight, they can beg/bargain for more coins from selected members of the audience.

Lord Ralik Ravenwolf

Friday - 6pm to 7pm - Auths /inspection

Saturday -
8:30am - Shire armoured championship finals

9am to 10am - Auths/inspection

10am to 11am - Warlord tourney

11am to 12pm - Crucible

12pm to 1pm - Lunch /open list if marshal available

1pm to 2pm
ish Children tourney - Double elimination
 Each fighter must have a child sponser mundane kids are ok to be sponsors Prize to winners child provided by Lord Ralik

2pm to run out of gas melee and open list

Children's activities and Boffer
Lady Katherine

Friday -- Youth Boffer at 6pm.  This will be a time to ENJOY Boffer! Pick ups and auths as needed.

10am to 11am The Smelly Middle Ages!

11am to noon Thrown weapons kid friendly tourney

1pm to 2pm Easy Sew Pouch

2pm to 3 pm Dancing Doll

3pm to 4 pm Medieval Games

THL Anna

10am - 12pm - Games

12pm - 2pm - Lunch

2pm - Ride through camp

2pm - 4pm - Riding again, either competition or challenge matches.

*** Please remember current coggins are required!

Lady Anna Meyer

Range opens at 9a closes at 4p.

Thrown weapons
Lord Alessandro

Saturday -
10am - 11am - Inspections and open range

11am - 12pm - 'Carnival" tourney for prizes

12pm - 1pm - Lunch break, range closed

1pm - 2pm - Disappearing bullseye tourney - knife or axe

2pm - 3pm - Open range

3pm - 4pm  'boar hunt' spear tourney

4pm - range closed

Blacksmiths area
There are currently 5 smiths joining to show their art and skills!

In The Shelter
Saturday at Noon ~ Fashion show, everyone is welcome to join we will ask you to let us you your SCA name, aprox time period,
and general location on a 3x5 card that will be available in the shelter.

5:00pm - Regency court with Her Highness Cassandra
*times are subject to change according to her Highness

6:00pm - Pot Luck
* please drop your food off on the way to court

Friday in the food area
Lady Isabue
Chili feed starts at 5pm Friday night. Donations (non-frozen, please) can be dropped off any time Friday. If Isabeau (chili feed
coordinator) is not available, chili and any other donations that must be kept cold can be put into the fridge of the shelter where
dinner will be.