University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP)
Falcon's Gate
UWSP Falcon's Gate is a Shire of Falcon's Keep
sponsored college club

Falcon's Gate is open to all UWSP college students to join.  It is a club dedicated to hands on
historical learning and introducing students to the SCA.

The Gate meets on Thursdays during the UWSP school year for their arts and sciences nights.  
Meetings are open to anyone that wants to come and learn.  On Mondays and some Fridays the
Gate hosts The Shire of Falcon's Keeps fighter practice.  See below and the Gates
Facebook page
for times and dates.
Officers Of Falcon's Gate

President -- Korey D.

Vice President -- Kate

Treasurer -- Patrick K
Directions to Fighter Practice
Practice is held at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Health Enhancement Center (HEC) at 1800 4th Ave, Stevens
Point, WI.  You can park in the public areas of Lot F or Lot T.  
Click the Links below for directions and Maps of Campus and
inside of HEC.
Directions (Google Maps)
Campus Map
Inside HEC

Directions to DUC
A&S meetings are held in the DUC Room 223 from 7-11pm.
Directions (Google Maps)
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