Lady Mary of Falcon's
She is interested in blacksmithing, card
weaving, archery, sewing, jewelry
making, merchanting and cooking.
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Lord Alessandro of
Falcon's Keep
is Late Period Italian.
He has interests of Rapier and
Vintning .
Baroness Alexandra der
A Mid 16th Century Scottish Lady.
Her interests are Rapier, heavy
fighting, weaving, cooking, and cordial
Mistress Ealasaid nic
a 10th Century woman married to a
interests include sewing,cooking
and Norse fiber arts.
Baron Janvier der
is 1570 German. His interests are
armor making, rapier, heavy fighting,
blade smithing, and vintning.
Master Guttorm
is a Viking Norsemen.
He is interested in woodworking,
leather, metal, bagpipes.  He  is a
Court Baron.
Lady Beatrice of
Falcon's Keep
Lord Constantine
A mid-16th Century
mercenary turned noble. He
is interested in Rapier,
Bardic, Calligraphy, Poetry.
The Honorable Lord
Justinian of Cherson
is 12th Century Byzantine.   He is
interested in Rapier, Armored Combat
and Historical Research.
Lady Demona di Rosa
Claims to have Multiple Persona
Disorder, but is known for her
summers as a Celtic daughter and
the winters as a late Italian
Maiden. She is interested in many
arts: jewelry, prayer beads,
banners, drawing, pottery, finger,
inkle & card weaving, heraldry
and Archery.
Lady Marie Dudley
is a 1500s English lady, Daughter
of a merchant. Interests are
weaving, sewing, lace making,
finger weaving
Lady Arianna da Lucca
13th century Italian merchants
daughter who was swept off her feet
by an Irish mercenary. Interests are
garb making, archery, and crafting
of all kinds.
The Honorable Lord
Hideyoshi Yoshimitsu
no Kami no Nobunaga
is a 15th century Samurai. Interests
are heavy combat, armouring, chain
Lady Caoilfhionn
inghean Mhaghnusa
Interests are illumination,
sewing, jewelry making, archery,
thrown weapons, cordial making,
heavy fighting
Lord Vincent Palmer
is a British Mercenary traveling
in Italy. Is interested in the arts
martial and all things Fire.
Lord Ralik Ravenwolf
10th century Viking warrior known to
travel the world
Interests are armour making and
armoured combat
Lady Asli of Dyserth
is an English woman living in the
holy land after the last crusades.
Interests are rapier fighting
,illumination, looking in to some
stick weaving
Ozmond Teach Captain
of the Soulless
is a 17th century pirate.  Interests
are woodworking, Blacksmithing and
Lady Isabell Montfort
Du Bretange
is a late 14th early 15th century
noble women from Brittany
Lord Gabriel Michalik
is a Well traveled Scottish Mercinary
Lady Emelye Ambroys
is an English Noblewoman from
around the 14th Century.
Interested in weaving
Lady Ysabella
is a 13th Century Italian lady. her
interests are  Rapier and Heavy
Fighting, Chainmaile, Cordial making,
vinting, Sewing, combat archery
Robert The Mailer
has traveled the lands extensively
while enjoying armoring, metal work
and chainmaille.
Lord Gallus der Bernhardt
is a landsknecht wandering around Europe
in 1530s and formerly of the Teutonic
Knights. interests include Fencing, Cooking,
History and Culture
Lord Pedro de Benavides
13th century Leonese (Spain) nobleman
and scholar. interests include writing,
history and researching.
Morgan of Falcon's Keep
is the daughter of a samurai and a
celtic lady trying to find her place in
the world. loves all parts of arts and
sciences especially weaving, tatting
and knitting
Aine inghean Fhearghuis
is interested in rapier and is the
current secretary of Falcon's Gate
If you are a member of Falcon's Keep and wish to be listed here, please fill out the Permission to Publish form and return it to your shire
All permission to publish forms are kept on file with the webminister.
Per fess embattled azure and argent,  peregrine falcon
displayed guardant argent and a laurel wreath vert.
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