We would like to answer any questions you may have about the SCA. We have a wide variety of members in
our Shire with many different talents.

Such things of interest in the group are...
Heavy weapons fighting, rapier, archery, throwing weapons, equestrian competition, wine making, leather
work, armoring, blacksmithing, weaving, sewing, scribing, cooking, heraldry, music, poetry, and many many

So what ever your interest, we can surely find it.
We are a group of people that have a love for this time period and love to share that understanding and
information with others. There are many things to learn about, like simple protocols and etiquette pertaining
to the SCA to help get you started.

Here are some links to help you get started with learning the basics.

What is the SCA?
The following links have all the information you need to get started in the SCA.
SCA Newcomer Portal
SCA Newcomer Resources

Making something to wear?
Downloadable file for A pattern to make a simple tunic

Choosing a name?
A page about names and making a persona
Medieval Names Archive

Join us at our shire meetings to meet the people in the shire and ask any questions you may have,
just click on the Calendar tab above and look for the next "Moot".

Events in our Kingdom?
Event list at

For any  further information please feel free to contact our Chatelaine of the Shire (newcomer greeter):
Lady Emelye Ambroyse
Per fess embattled azure and argent,  peregrine falcon
displayed guardant argent and a laurel wreath vert.
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